Annoyingly Adolescent Webinar


Has your perfect puppy suddenly lost their angelic ways? Is your delightful Dachshund now a menace to society? Is your angelic Airedale a terrible teen?
Well, this is the webinar for you!
Kamal Fernandez, world-renowned dog trainer and sports dog coach, talks from a lifetime of owning dogs and working with countless clients to help them overcome their struggles with the challenges of adolescent behaviour and the signs to watch out for a distinct path forward through these treacherous waters!
Join Kamal on the 26th of May at 1900hrs for this 2 hour webinar covering:
  • How to anticipate adolescent changes
  • Understanding what is ‘normal’ and how to avoid it developing into an issue
  • Pitfalls to avoid with male dogs in adolescence
  • Pitfalls to avoid with female dogs in adolescence
  • The tools to plan and navigate adolescent challenges and so much more.
All attendees/subscribers will receive a copy of the presentation and a recording of the webinar.
Webinar links will be sent to all attendees/subscribers prior to the event.

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