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Does your dog get ‘over threshold’?  Is your dog barking, whining, screaming, or simply hysterical at competition? Does your dogs’ arousal levels go through the roof at competition?
Are you finding it frustrating to channel your dogs’ drive and focus in a direction you want?
Well if so, join me, Kamal Fernandez Professional dog trainer and World Championship level dog sports coach, to find out how to overcome these challenges!
More and more, we see dogs that are so overstimulated by their environment that they are unable to function meaning that they under-perform in competition. This can be extremely frustrating to dog and handler.
With over 30 years of experience in training dogs for dog sports, overcoming behavioural issues, and turning reactive dogs into Crufts champions, Kamal Fernandez is well versed in overcoming and succeeding with teams that struggle with challenges created by being ‘over threshold’.
Join me on the 27th of May 2022 at 1900hrs for this 2hr webinar covering:
  • The causes of “Over Arousal”
  • Exercises for creating focus and calm
  • Shaping skills to your dogs’ coping mechanism for frustration
  • Training plan for overcoming Over Arousal issues
  • Key skills and techniques to bring clarity and calmness into your dogs’ training and competing
  • How to deal with problems and overcome challenges of Over Arousal issues

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