Relabelling Reactivity webinar


The term ‘reactive’ is a label attached to a plethora of behavioural problems, when often the cause and solution are far easier to understand when dismantled and understood.

Join World Renowned dog trainer, Kamal Fernandez, to gain an insight into ‘reactivity’ and learn skills to help overcome these challenges.

Key points covered:

  • The 5 main causes of ‘Reactive’ behaviour.
  • The core skills to overcome ‘Reactive Behaviour’.
  • Owner techniques to deal with PTSD caused by ‘Reactivity’.

This 2hr ‘LIVE’ webinar, with an opportunity for Q&A, will be on the 4th of August 2022 at 1800hrs, till 2000hrs.

Limited spaces are available.

Webinar links will be sent to all attendees/subscribers prior to the event.

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An exclusive look into ‘reactivity’, and demystifying the cause and reasons for common behavioural issues!