Terrible teens and annoyingly adolescence! – Webinar: 26th Nov 6-8pm


Terrible teens and annoyingly adolescence!

Is your young dog behaving strangely? Have they started acting out of character? Has your previous perfect recall disappeared?

Well…. Welcome to Adolescence!

The ‘teens’ are challenging times by anyone standards, be it two-legged or four-legged, and knowing how to navigate these testing waters is a crucial part of canine ‘parenting’.
This developmental stage is when most behavioural issues occur, which can fast develop into major issues if not dealt with appropriately.

Join World Renowned dog trainer, Kamal Fernandez, to gain an insight into dealing with and preventing long term problems, identifying tell tail signs of adolescence, and working through these challenges under the spectrum of reinforcement based dog training’.

This webinar will cover:

  • The signs to look out for that signal adolescence
  • The ‘typical’ behaviours that occur, and how to avoid them becoming an issue.
  • Dealing with problematic behaviours pro-actively
  • My own socialisation protocol to create a well adjusted, balanced family member.
  • Practical tips for ensuring you navigate the ‘Terrible teens’ without any long-lasting effects.

This 2hr ‘LIVE’ webinar, with opportunity for Q&A, will be on the 26th November at 1800hrs, till 2000hrs.

All those who purchase this webinar will receive a recording of the ‘Live Session’.

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