Reward and Location Specific Markers

Designed to equip you with the tools and techniques needed to establish clearer communication


About the course

Are you ready to take your dog training to the next level? Discover the transformative potential of Reward Specific Markers (RSMs) and Location Specific Markers (LSMs) in our comprehensive online course.

The “Reward Specific Marker and Location Specific Marker” course, created by renowned trainers Kamal Fernandez and Di Martin, offers a detailed and innovative approach to dog training that enhances the communication between dogs and handlers. This online course focuses on the principles and applications of Reward Specific Markers (RSM) and Location Specific Markers (LSM), two powerful tools that can significantly improve training efficiency and effectiveness.

Reward Specific Markers (RSM) help dogs understand not just that they have performed a correct behaviour, but also which type of reward they will receive. This clarity allows dogs to learn behaviours more quickly and with greater precision. Location Specific Markers (LSM), on the other hand, inform the dog about where they can find their reward, which encourages more accurate and enthusiastic responses by making the reward itself part of the learning process.


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Throughout the course, Kamal Fernandez and Di Martin explain how to implement these markers in various training scenarios, from basic obedience to complex behavioural chains in competitive environments. The curriculum includes comprehensive video lessons where both trainers demonstrate the practical application of RSM and LSM techniques with different dogs.

This course is ideal for anyone from casual pet owners to professional trainers looking to refine their training approach and build a more nuanced communication system with their dogs. By integrating Reward Specific and Location Specific Markers into their training regimen, handlers can achieve faster learning rates and more reliable behaviours across a wide range of activities and dog sports.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About the course:

    How long will i have access to this course

    You will have a full 12 months access to the course.

    is this course suitable to all breeds

    Yes! This course is suitable to all breeds of dogs, and examples using many different breeds will be used throughout the course.

    how much does the course cost

    This course is a one-off payment of £197 for the full course.

    will i have access to the whole course at once

    Yes, the course content is all available from day one for you to view and implement as you go along.

    "A unique talent!"

    Kamal is no doubt a unique talent. He has developed a method of training that is underpinned by scientific assessment (of popular methods) and pro-active innovation and implementation of new techniques.

    Linda Rutherford
    Crufts Winner

    "Highly recommended."

    Kamal really brought to light what my dog was missing and what I needed to work on, and he put it in a very simple way that made me think that it would be easy to fix.

    Dave Munnings
    FCI World Agility Championship Medalist


    I have no hesitation to recommend his advice and guidance for those who wish to move forward in their training techniques and take your training to the next level.

    Suzie Greentree
    Award-winning dog trainer

    "Truly Extraordinary!"

    One of the most significant and influential trainers of this generation is Kamal Fernandez. His ability to analyze training problems and to find suitable solutions is truly extraordinary.

    Brian McGovern
    Dutch Obedience Championship Winner