Is your dog ‘Reactive‘?
Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs or people?
Does your dogs’ behaviour, fill you with anxiety about taking them out?
Do you want to overcome these struggles?


Join internationally renowned dog training expert Kamal Fernandez, as seen on Channel 4’s “The Dog Academy”, to relabel your misundestood dog and create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

About Relabelling Reactivity:

With 3 experts, a whole host of actionable steps to success and a future unlike one you could imagine, it’s time to start relabelling your dogs reactivity today…

“Relabelling Reactivity is the simple, easy to follow course aimed at turning your ‘Reactive’ dog into the model family pet. The course comprises experts in dog training and behaviour, nosework and self care to help you over come the stigma of ‘Reactivity’ and lead your best life. I look forward to helping you ‘Relabel Reactivity’!”

Kamal Fernandez

Relabelling Reactivity was originally born out of a seminar delivered across the world to take dogs who had been labelled as reactive and transform them into happy, sociable dogs. For many, the label is given to dogs with a variety of different behaviours and can potentially hinder dogs from living their best life.

My goal is to empower you as owners to give you the skills and the confidence to be able to give them the best life they can have and to free you from the bind of being a “reactive” dog owner.

You’ll see me work with a whole host of dogs who have been labelled as reactive, transforming into happy, confident and outgoing dogs, whilst being safe, sound and secure in the process.

For me, labelling dogs can limit their potential and give them long-lasting issues because of the way we perceive them. That changes now.

There are many ways to join the Relabelling Reactivity movement including a full online, short mini-course and online e-books. Scroll down to see the options available to you today:

"Life Changing"

This course has been life-changing… literally! Before Relabelling Reactivity, my dog’s life was about limitations, restrictions, and anxiety! Kamal demystified what ‘Reactivity is’ and started me on the path to a new way of being! I didn’t think online training for Reactivity would achieve so much! I can’t thank Kamal and his team enough!

Sally and Ben
Relabelling Reactivity Student


Before finding Kamal and Reactivity, I had been thrown out of 4 puppy classes and made to feel inadequate and totally incompetent. My confidence was at an all-time low. My dog’s behaviour was so extreme, a vet suggested medication for a 12wk old baby! I joined Relabelling Reactivity as a last chance, as I was really at my wits end. To say it has been revolutionary would be an understatement! Learning skills to help educate my dog, working on creating a relationship, and moving forward has meant I now have a dog, I adore! 

Sarah and Ridley
Relabelling Reactivity


A dog that has ‘Reactive’ issues, has such a social stigma attached to it. You feel embarrassed and ashamed. It’s tough.

But having a community of people to support you, and a mentor with Kamal’s level of experience and knowledge, is amazing. You have people that understand, that will support you but also help you overcome any challenges you have. There is nothing they haven’t been able to help me with! I am eternally grateful to Kamal for creating Relabelling Reactivity, I can’t speak highly enough of the course, the community, and the information.

Dave, Sue, and Ringo
Relabelling Reactivity

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"A unique talent!"

Kamal is no doubt a unique talent. He has developed a method of training that is underpinned by scientific assessment (of popular methods) and pro-active innovation and implementation of new techniques.

Linda Rutherford
Crufts Winner

"Highly recommended."

Kamal really brought to light what my dog was missing and what I needed to work on, and he put it in a very simple way that made me think that it would be easy to fix.

Dave Munnings
FCI World Agility Championship Medalist


I have no hesitation to recommend his advice and guidance for those who wish to move forward in their training techniques and take your training to the next level.

Suzie Greentree
Award-winning dog trainer

"Truly Extraordinary!"

One of the most significant and influential trainers of this generation is Kamal Fernandez. His ability to analyze training problems and to find suitable solutions is truly extraordinary.

Brian McGovern
Dutch Obedience Championship Winner