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The Heelwork obedience online course that gives more than ever before.
This course has been designed for all owners and handlers wanting to extend their dog’s heelwork obedience skillset, for either personal or competitive gains.

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About the course

The Heelwork training course contains every situation that you might encounter from the theory and preparation, right through to competition preparation.

Heelwork is often described as canine dressage and requires a delicate balance between drive and desire, motivation and balance, all being communicated through a near-telepathic connection between the dog and handler. This course is a step-by-step guide to creating, teaching and developing perfect Heelwork for your dog.

You will have access to the 66 video lessons and step-by-step guidance on each part of Kamal Fernandez’s tried and tested approach to teaching Heelwork. Many of Kamal’s previous students have achieved great successes at National, International, World Championships, and even Crufts! By joining this course, you will become part of a community of like-minded obedience enthusiasts, ranging from first-time dog sports trainers to competition champions!

All course materials will be delivered in English.

Included also for a limited time is the Competition Preparation sub-course.

"A unique talent!"

Kamal is no doubt a unique talent. He has developed a method of training that is underpinned by scientific assessment (of popular methods) and pro-active innovation and implementation of new techniques.

Linda Rutherford
Crufts Winner

"Highly recommended."

Kamal really brought to light what my dog was missing and what I needed to work on, and he put it in a very simple way that made me think that it would be easy to fix.

Dave Munnings
FCI World Agility Championship Medalist


I have no hesitation to recommend his advice and guidance for those who wish to move forward in their training techniques and take your training to the next level.

Suzie Greentree
Award-winning dog trainer

"Truly Extraordinary!"

One of the most significant and influential trainers of this generation is Kamal Fernandez. His ability to analyze training problems and to find suitable solutions is truly extraordinary.

Brian McGovern
Dutch Obedience Championship Winner


Kamal Fernandez is a world-renowned dog trainer, coach, speaker and author, with over 33 years of experience in the world of dogs and dog training. He has dedicated his life to promoting the use of reinforcement-based methodology to train dogs from unruly pets to Crufts winners. Kamal has competed at the highest level in dog sports and has represented multiple teams at the Crufts Championship.